About us

A great passion for your home since 50 years.

Bronzo's brand is on italian market since 50 years by 3 generations of businessmen that led the company to success. During the past years, the company become shortly a leader on the international marker, especially on the broom handle field.

Studying, planning and designing.

About the end of '90s, Bronzo decides to improve itself starting to produce new articles, in particular articles in plastic for home. Studying and designing our articles let us grow each and every year. The effect of this policy let us conquer the market and reach more and more customers on our country.

Great quality and low prices

Bronzo's articles are handy, strong and well designed. They also possess a great quality/price ratio. Every article is the result of a careful design based on good materials, good shapes, more and more requested colors and the application of the newest production technique.

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Legal head office / Production building

Via Luigi Novi, 31 - 84010
Corbara, Salerno
Tel. +39 081 913907
Fax +39 081 930283

Sales office / Distribution hub

Via Cuparella Pareti, 29/31 - 84015
Nocera Superiore, Salerno
Tel. +39 081 5143676 - +39 081 0513044
Fax +39 081 0513120

Email: bronzo@bronzosrl.it